Proficiencies List

id name required_proficiencies description
prof_scav_cooking Scavenger Cooking None You know the secrets of cooking tasty food using strange substitutions and weird things you found in a cabinet in an abandoned house.
prof_forage_cooking Forager Cooking None Cooking with foraged ingredients that you wouldn’t find in most cookbooks.
prof_food_prep Food Preparation None You’ve done enough cooking to know the basics about how to quickly and efficiently sort your ingredients.
prof_knife_skills Knife Skills prof_food_prep You’re quite skilled at culinary knife work, making you noticeably faster at preparing meals that involve a lot of chopping.
prof_baking Principles of Baking None You know the basics of baking - proportions, leavening, and things - and are less likely to make a dramatic mistake when working from memory.
prof_baking_bread Breadmaking prof_baking You’ve baked enough bread to consider yourself an expert. May your yeast be ever frothy.
prof_baking_desserts_1 Dessert Baking prof_baking Anyone can make a cookie, but you can make it look amazing. Cakes and other fluffies are also no longer a barrier.
prof_baking_desserts_2 Patisserie Expert prof_baking_desserts_1 You could have been a professional baker before the Cataclysm. Your profiteroles are the envy of the wastelands.
prof_frying Principles of Frying None Anyone can toss stuff into deep fryer oil. You know more about selecting oil, keeping the food from burning, and the like.
prof_frying_bread Breading & Battering prof_frying You know enough about deep frying breads and batters to do it easily without thinking about it.
prof_frying_dessert Fried Desserts prof_frying / prof_baking_desserts_1 You know the vaunted secrets of creating delicious deep fried sweets.
prof_preservation Food Preservation None The basic knowledge of ways to keep food safe for long periods of time in a post-refrigeration world.
prof_food_curing Curing and Drying Food prof_preservation Using salt, smoke, and similar agents to cure or dehydrate food.
prof_food_canning Canning Food prof_preservation Using pressure canning or tinning to safely store food in sealed containers.
prof_cheesemaking_1 Principles of Cheesemaking None The basics of curdling and coagulating milk and similar things without the wrong kinds of bacteria and mold winning out.
prof_cheesemaking_2 Cheesemaking Expert prof_cheesemaking_1 Taking the basics of curdled milk and making it delicious.
prof_fermenting Culinary Fermentation None The basics of fermenting for human consumption, including sanitary technique, avoiding harmful molds, and identifying common problems.
prof_brewing Brewing prof_fermenting The fine art of brewing grains into beers.
prof_winemaking Winemaking prof_fermenting The knowledge of how to turn sugary fruits, and occasionally vegetables, into fermented beverages.
prof_lactofermenting Lactofermentation prof_fermenting The microbiology of most non-alcoholic fermented edibles, from sauerkraut to sourdough.
prof_distilling Distillation None The process of separating two mixed liquids by their different boiling points.
prof_beverage_distilling Beverage Distillation prof_distilling Applying the science of distillation to alcoholic beverages to get something tasty.
prof_intro_chemistry Principles of Chemistry None You are beginning to grasp a general idea of how elements and compounds react with each other.
prof_intro_biology Principles of Biology None You are beginning to gain a general idea of how various living beings function.
prof_organic_chemistry Organic Chemistry prof_intro_chemistry Knowledge of the branch of chemistry that studies and uses carbon-containing compounds.
prof_inorganic_chemistry Inorganic Chemistry prof_intro_chemistry Knowledge of the branch of chemistry that studies and uses compounds not containing carbon.
prof_biochemistry Biochemistry prof_organic_chemistry / prof_intro_biology The understanding of the chemistry of living things.
prof_physiology Physiology prof_intro_biology An in-depth understanding of how humans and animals operate.
prof_xenology Xenology prof_intro_biology You are beginning to grasp a general idea of how alien and post-Cataclysm mutated creatures function and operate.
prof_intro_chem_synth Principles of Chemical Synthesis prof_intro_chemistry You’re beginning to grasp the basics of chemical production.
prof_chem_synth Complex Chemical Synthesis prof_intro_chem_synth The proper understanding of safe chemical synthesis and how to clean your tools used for the next batch.
prof_pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Production. prof_intro_chemistry / prof_intro_biology An understanding of how to produce various natural and chemical substances pure enough for human consumption.
prof_metallurgy Metallurgy None An understanding of the chemistry of metalworking and alloys.
prof_fibers Fiber Twisting None You’ve got a basic grasp of the theory of how to twist and arrange fibers into a more durable cord.
prof_fibers_rope Ropemaking prof_fibers Making twisted fibers into durable and useful rope.
prof_spinning Spinning None The art of spinning fiber into thread.
prof_weaving Weaving None You’ve learned how to use a loom to produce sheets of fabric from thread.
prof_knitting Knitting None Knitting, one of the oldest ways of tying knots in fiber until it is fabric.
prof_knitting_speed Speed Knitting prof_knitting You have knitted and knitted and knitted some more, and have the consistent string tension to show for it. When you get going, the clicking of your needles is like a metronome.
prof_elastics Stretch Fabric None Making elastic bands is easy enough, but making a whole garment from stretchy cloth takes a bit of finesse. You’re good at it.
prof_polymerworking Advanced polymer sewing None You know the tricks for working with Kevlar, Nomex, and other advanced polymer cloth.
prof_basketweaving Basketweaving None Forming coarse fibers into shapes.
prof_articulation Joint Articulation None Making flexible items out of hard materials is tricky. You’ve done enough of it to understand how to make smoothly articulated joints out of rigid or semi-rigid materials.
prof_chain_armour Chain Garments None Turning sheets of chain links into effective, wearable clothing that doesn’t bind up.
prof_tanning_basic Basic Tanning None You’re familiar with the theory behind turning raw hides into leather.
prof_tanning Tanning prof_tanning_basic You have a lot of practice and experience with processing hides to leather, as well as related techniques like making boiled leather.
prof_leatherworking_basic Principles of Leatherworking None You’ve got a basic familiarity with how to work with leather, furs, hides, and similar materials.
prof_leatherworking Leatherworking prof_leatherworking_basic Working with leather requires a specific set of skills and tools… a set you are familiar with.
prof_furriery Furriery prof_leatherworking_basic Working with fur and faux fur is a skill all its own.
prof_millinery Millinery prof_leatherworking_basic Like a solitary mouse, you’ve learned how to construct hats by hand.
prof_chitinworking Chitinworking prof_leatherworking_basic It seems unlikely that anyone prior to the cataclysm knew how to work with the shells of giant bugs as well as you do now.
prof_closures Garment Closures None You are familiar with the adjustments and tricks needed to make properly functional buttons, zippers, and other closures on garments.
prof_closures_waterproofing Fabric Waterproofing None You know how to making garments and fabric containers sealed against water.
prof_cobbling Cobbling prof_closures / prof_leatherworking_basic Like a magical elf, you’ve learned how to construct footwear by hand.
prof_glassblowing Glassblowing None Working with glass and heat without poisoning or perforating yourself.
prof_plumbing Plumbing None Working with pipes and pipe fittings to transport fluids without leakage.
prof_plasticworking Plastic Working None Working with plastic using your hands, including carving, molding, and gluing it. You know how to identify thermoplastics that are suitable for mold casting, and how to identify the right plastic for the right job.
prof_carving Carving None Shaping wood, bone, and similar materials with a cutting implement.
prof_carpentry_basic Basic Carpentry None Simple projects involving holding planks and panels of wood together with nails or similar fasteners.
prof_pottery Pottery None Basic pottery, from shaping to working with slip to fuse pieces.
prof_pottery_glazing Pottery Glazing None Adding glazes to pottery to make them waterproof.
prof_knapping Basic Knapping None You know the basic principles of turning stones into more useful tools.
prof_knapping_speed Knapping prof_knapping You’ve banged rocks together so much and for so long, you’ve become extremely fast at it.
prof_bowyery Bowyery None The ability to make durable, effective bows.
prof_fletching Fletching None The skill involved in making arrows that fly true.
prof_bow_basic Basic Archer’s Form None You have grasped some basic understanding on archery, and find handling bows easier.
prof_bow_expert Expert Archer’s Form prof_bow_basic After significant practice, you have become an expert in the movements used in drawing and firing a bow, and have strengthened those muscles considerably.
prof_bow_master Master Archer’s Form prof_bow_expert You have drawn and fired a bow so many times, you probably have a bit of a twist in your spine from it. You’ve developed what would once have been a world class understanding of the pose and motion of effective archery.
prof_helicopter_pilot Helicopter Piloting None Before the cataclysm, you were a helicopter pilot. Now, you just hope you can fly again.
prof_aircraft_mechanic Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic None You’ve been trained and certified to repair aircraft. You’re not really sure how that could help you survive now.
prof_elec_soldering Electronics Soldering None An understanding of the skills and tools needed to create durable, effective soldered electrical connections.
prof_electromagnetics Electromagnetics None A practical working knowledge of electromagnetic fields and their creation and application.
prof_shock_weapons Electroshock Weapons None An understanding of how to use high voltage, low-current devices to cause debilitating muscle spasms. Includes some theoretical knowledge of how to protect yourself from these.
prof_metalworking Principles of Metalworking None A basic understanding of the properties of metal as a material, and the concepts behind smithing, die casting, and other metalworking techniques.
prof_welding_basic Principles of Welding prof_metalworking A basic understanding of the different types of welding, welding tools and fuels, how to weld different materials, and more.
prof_welding Welding prof_welding_basic You are an experienced welder.
prof_blacksmithing Blacksmithing prof_metalworking The craft of working metal into tools and other items of use.
prof_redsmithing Redsmithing prof_metalworking Working copper and bronze shares a lot of techniques with blacksmithing, but the more ductile copper-containing metals have a trick all their own.
prof_fine_metalsmithing Fine Metalsmithing None How to make jewelry from precious metals like gold and silver.
prof_gem_setting Gem Setting prof_fine_metalsmithing / prof_redsmithing How to add gemstones to jewelry.
prof_armorsmithing Armorsmithing prof_blacksmithing How to make articulated armor from pieces of metal.
prof_bladesmith Bladesmithing prof_blacksmithing How to fabricate sharp and reliable blades from scratch.
prof_toolsmithing Manual Tooling prof_blacksmithing How to make high-quality tools and parts by hand. Includes techniques like threading, durable articulation points, and using appropriate metals for appropriate tasks. Also applies to making blunt instruments that can withstand a severe beating without distortion.
prof_wiremaking Wire Making prof_metalworking How to turn raw ingots and metals into usable wire. Includes both drawing and extruding.
prof_handloading Handloading None You know how to accurately measure powder and projectile weights for reloading firearm cartridges.
prof_gunsmithing_basic Principles of Gunsmithing None A basic understanding of how guns are put together and what tools and materials are needed for the job.
prof_gunsmithing_improv Improvised Gunmaking None You’ve become an expert at putting together guns and launchers from makeshift parts.
prof_gunsmithing_antique Antique Gunsmithing prof_metalworking / prof_gunsmithing_basic You’re specifically skilled at building and repairing antique guns.
prof_gunsmithing_spring Spring-powered Guns and Crossbows None Similar to bowyery, the art of making guns that are powered by elastic mechanisms.
prof_gunsmithing_revolver Revolver Gunsmithing prof_gunsmithing_basic You’ve got the know-how to make a classic Western revolver, and its many variants.
prof_lockpicking Lockpicking None You know how to pick a lock, at least in theory.
prof_lockpicking_expert Locksmith prof_lockpicking You can pick a lock in the dark, blindfolded. Although that doesn’t make it all that much harder. You’re good at locks, OK?
prof_safecracking Safecracking None Opening safes is an exacting skill, one that you are proficient at.
prof_traps Principles of Trapping None You know the basics of setting and taking down traps safely.
prof_trapsetting Trap Setting prof_traps You’re specifically quite skilled at setting effective traps.
prof_disarming Trap Disarming prof_traps You know how to take down a trap safely.
prof_spotting Spotting and Awareness None You are skilled at spotting things out of the ordinary, like traps or ambushes.
prof_parkour Parkour Expert None You’re skilled at clearing obstacles; terrain like railings or counters are as easy for you to move on as solid ground.
prof_wound_care Wound Care None You know how to bandage wounds and understand basic principles of wound care.
prof_wound_care_expert Wound Care Expert prof_wound_care Your extensive field experience in bandaging and wound care is on par with that of a paramedic.

Magiclysm proficiencies

id name required_proficiencies description
prof_alchemy Alchemy None You know the basics of manipulating the mana of objects through application of chemical laws.
prof_almetallurgy Almetallurgy prof_alchemy / prof_metalworking The forging of magical alloys is a complex process requiring an understanding of both mundane metals and alchemy.
prof_leatherworking_dragon Dragon leather working prof_leatherworking Working with dragon leather requires a specific set of skills and tools… a set you are familiar with.
prof_scaleworking_dragon Dragon scale working prof_leatherworking_dragon Working with dragon scales requires a specific set of skills and tools… a set you are familiar with.
prof_golemancy_basic Basic Golemancy None Infusing shaped material with your will and the ability to move is hard but you’re starting to get it.

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